With the ever growing concern of the I.V ban with the UFC, many fighters are approaching the weight cut in a much more cautious manner than before where they could rely on the I.V to replenish.  We arrived Tuesday here at the Hyatt Regency Orlando with Cole weighing 153lbs three days out from weigh-ins.  Before the I.V ban, in past fights Cole would wake up at this point during fight week at 155lbs and walk around at 157 throughout the day with intentions to float 1-1.5lbs over night.  Now he is waking up not only 4lbs lighter than before, but much more energetic and productive.  We no longer have to hit the workout room twice in a day to maintain or cut weight.  This change will force the less intelligent fighters to either adjust their camp or move classes to better fit their habit/lifestyle as well as body structure.  With the supplemental help of Onnit and their products, Cole doesn’t have to worry about sugar loaded protein powder or supplements with risky elements in them that could be portrayed as illegal.  Rather than an I.V, we will be using F2 Fight Formula for oral rehydration.  The fight will be aired Saturday December 19 at 5pm on Fox Sports1.  Also follow us on Periscope, Instagram and Facebook

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