With the launch of Level 1 Kickboxing here at Rush Mixed Martial Arts, the foundation of the class was geared to offer the building blocks of kickboxing to anyone and everyone.  This class has been quite the treat for those who want to learn in a ‘No contact’ environment that doesn’t feel too ‘child like’.  The class is centered around proper instruction of technique, drilling, and conditioning with the use of Punching Bags, Partner work, or Solo Drills to cover the lessons.  It gets it’s label of ‘No Contact’ from the subtraction of ‘Live Sparring’, which seems to be the main deterrent of the sport.  We bring an energetic approach to the mats in this class and keep the action moving for the one hour duration of the program.  This class is the prerequisite for our ‘Level 2 Muay-Thai’ which is offered as an upgrade if you so choose to dive even deeper into this amazing sport.  So next time you’re around the downtown area, swing on by 310 6th St to try out one of our amazing Level 1 Kickboxing classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 5:30pm .  No equipment is needed for your trial as we will provide everything needed for your experience.  Gym attire and a water bottle is all you need! See you on the mats!