Muay Thai and Boxing

Level 1 Muay-Thai

The Level 1 Kickboxing class is a fundamental program designed to teach the proper techniques of Thai Boxing and achieve a complete body workout burning up to 900 calories per session.   In this class students will learn principles of striking with punches, kicks, knees and elbows while utilizing knowledge of distance, timing and footwork while in the standing range. It is set in a positive and fast paced atmosphere but working at your own pace is understood.  Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals while retaining a skill set that is useful in self defense as well. There is light to moderate contact in this program as drilling takes place with a partner.  

Level 2 Muay-Thai

Ready to step your training up a notch and challenge yourself?   Once level 1 has been completed and signed off by an instructor you will be able to participate in our Level 2 Muay-Thai class which is packed with faster drilling, more advanced level techniques, and sparring as part of the curriculum.  Train along side amateur and professional athletes in this program and watch as your technique, confidence, and conditioning levels rise through the roof!


Our USA Boxing program is geared towards the instruction of Traditional Boxing for ages 8 & up.  In this program students learn the fundamentals of offense and defense through repetitive drilling, bag work, agility drills, and mitt work.  The concepts and principles are also taught behind every technique to help the students understand not WHAT..but WHY they are performing the techniques.