FightFit Level 1starting February 16th

FREE CLASS!! Rush Mixed Martial Arts' FightFit Level 1 program will kickoff Tuesday February 16th with a Free Class.  This program is designed to implement the techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format for a fun and full-body workout.  Basic skills in Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and [...]

Understanding Fight Week

Weigh-in day is upon us and Cole Miller is set to make his 43rd successful weigh-in with never missing the professional cutoff.  The common eye never catches the behind the scene battles that are faced the week of the fight.  The unspoken language of analyzing other fighters body language, sucked in faces, and the rasp in [...]

UFC Orlando Blog

With the ever growing concern of the I.V ban with the UFC, many fighters are approaching the weight cut in a much more cautious manner than before where they could rely on the I.V to replenish.  We arrived Tuesday here at the Hyatt Regency Orlando with Cole weighing 153lbs three days out from weigh-ins.  Before [...]